Who Gets Vasectomy Reversal?

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Dr. Eric Seaman of the Urology Group of New Jersey discusses the most common reasons that men get vasectomy reversals.

Having a vasectomy doesn’t mean that it is impossible to have more children. Each year, over 50,000 men undergo a vasectomy reversal for a variety of reasons. Dr Seaman shares the most common reasons that men come to him to get vasectomy reversals.

Re-marriage: Getting re-married and wanting to create family with a new wife is the most common reason that Dr. Seaman sees men getting vasectomy reversals

Change of heart: Occasionally, years following the decision to stop having children a couple may decide to have an additional child or children.

Loss of a child: Sadly, Dr. Seaman sees cases where a family has lost a child or children and will reverse a vasectomy to rebuild family.

Sara SDx

Sara SDx

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