Tell All Tuesday with Kristen Magnacca Darcy

Kristen Magnacca Darcy is offering monthly group coaching calls that will include a brief meditation at the end to leave you feeling supported, connected and empowered to move onto your creations of choice. Visit her website to learn more and to sign up!

Tell All Tuesday!

September 30th at 7pm: Speedy! Fast Past Life:
How to adjust your “speed daemon” life and be within the process of creation!

October 28th @ 7pm: Spooky! Thoughts that go bump in the night!
How to practice re-wire your thoughts by observing your emotional triggers!

November 18th @ 7pm: Satiated! Filled UP!
How to tune into what you need to fill yourself up in order to balance all aspects of your life! (Gratitude Game)

December 16th @ 7pm :Surprise! Make next year the year of blessed surprise!
How to intend to create in 2015!