Lunch: Shellfish for your Swimmers


12 fresh* oysters
Tabasco hot sauce
1 lemon
Heavy gloves
Stiff brush (like a toothbrush)
Oyster knife or any other knife with a heavy blade so it does not snap during shucking
Bucket/cooler of ice

1. If your oysters are not yet cleaned, be sure to use a brush to rid each oyster of any sand or grit. Then run the oyster through cold water.
2. Keep the oysters in a bucket/cooler until you are completely ready to begin shucking and eating your oysters.
3. Each oyster has a basic anatomy where a hinge is visible to place your knife. With your heavy gloves on, and a stern hold of your knife, place the sharp edge of your knife into this hinge and push down. Once you have partially opened the oyster, use the knife to completely open the oyster.
4. Put about two drops of Tabasco onto the oyster meat itself.
5. Squeeze a little lemon onto the meat.
6. Using a fork or cocktail fork, wiggle the oyster loose from its shell and consume fully.
*If you intend on eating the oysters fresh, be sure that the oysters are still alive before you shuck them. If they have already expired, they are not safe to eat. Oysters that are opened before you shuck them are usually already dead. Also, fun tip: oyster season is, oddly enough, in all the months with an “r”: January, February, March, April, September, October, November, & December.
Difficult: 3
Time: 10 minutes