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Every fertility journey is different.  For our DCYB editor, Sara Naab, her fertility journey began when she was 23 in her Ob/Gyn’s office for a regular check-up.  Listen in to her interview with Fertility Revolution’s Julie Chang, where Sara describes how she started Don’t Cook your Balls and really became passionate about the male fertility space.

When Sara Naab was 23, her Ob/Gyn told her that she would have a very difficult time conceiving.  Sara took this shocking information and turned her life around.  Within a few years, Sara became a tri-athlete and completely transformed the way she approached her health.  As a result, she lost nearly 70lbs.

Now, as a mother to three beautiful boys, Sara is proud that she was able to change her life so dramatically for the better.  However, in this interview, Sara also admits how difficult and trying her journey was.  She encourages everyone to listen more attentively to their bodies and begin to make the changes necessary to live happy and healthy lives.  She advises that “living a healthy life is your very first line of defense” to combat future fertility issues.

Inspired by her own journey and the technology her husband, Ulrich Schaff invented at Sandia National Labs in Livermore, California, Sara has really dedicated her life to making a space for men to learn about male factor infertility.  Through Don’t Cook your Balls and Trak, a male fertility monitoring device that is set to be available in the coming year, Sara has risen as a leader and expert in the male fertility field.

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