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  • Allison
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    Hi could you give me some feedback on results .. volume 5.1 abstinence 3 days
    Concentration 61 million
    Morphology 2.5% normal
    Total active sperm 211
    Motility 68%
    Progressive 62%
    Immotile 32%
    Post wash
    Concentration 8 million
    Total active sperm 4.1 million
    Motility 87%
    Progressive 81%
    Non progressive 6%
    Immotile 13%

  • Sara SDxSara SDx
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    Volume > 5.1 is pretty high
    concentration > 61 is almost dead average for fertile men (average is 72)
    Motility > 68% is on the high side (progressive looks fantastic)
    Morphology > 2.5% is low

    The only number here that looks at all concerning is the morphology number. Many people do not put too much weight on morphology especially when everything else is normal. Morphology is a very subjective measure and some technicians are overly strict as to what they call “abnormal”

    Are you having trouble conceiving? Did you use the sample for a treatment?

    • Allison
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      We haven’t been to a clinic yet as we thought our chances are slim due to me being 44 and wanting to use my own eggs.ive been tested and all came back normal ..could you confirm what the overall sperm count is? And do you think we would have a chance at icsi with these results and our age?

  • Sara SDxSara SDx
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    Total sperm count is 311 million, motile sperm count 211.
    These numbers are very good.

    (I generally consider anything about 100 million total count and 20 million progressive to be ok… so this is quite far above that.)

    If you are considering treatment, you might want to talk through morphology findings in more detail to see what types of defects they discovered.

    Have you tried naturally?

    • Allison
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      We’ve tried naturally for 8mths with no luck .I’ve had scans ,my progesterone tested but everything so far is normal .my oh is on the vitamins 6 weeks as his first semen analysis was on the lower end of normal ..due to my age of 44 we think IVF wldnt work for us looking at success rates.would you agree ?

  • Sara SDxSara SDx
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    I’m not a doctor so I can’t really comment on chances. Generally speaking IVF increases odds over natural conception rates. Trying to conceive in your 40s is dicey chances as egg quality generally goes down. However, in your case, if everything looked good perhaps there is a chance it would work.

    You should really sit down and have an honest conversation with the fertility doctor. It’s a hard decision to make for sure — it can be expensive, chances still aren’t perfect and the meds are not fun. On the other hand, it may boost odds enough. There are other fertility treatments beyond just IVF, you could look at IUI or a medicated IUI. Talking through the pro’s and cons and feeling like you really understand options might be a useful place to start. I could help you find someone to talk to if that would help.

    My focus is generally on the male side and fortunately, his numbers are great. That gives you some flexibility.

    You can always continue to try naturally as you explore other options, never know. One month it could surprise you.

    Let me know if there’s any other way I can support. XO. Sending lots of love and baby dust your way.

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